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Flint Scenario

The Flint scenario is an actual scenario that really happened. When General Motors pulled out of Flint, Michigan, a city totally dependent on that company, the city went into ruins. The goal of the scenario is to get your industrial population up to 21,000 (you can view the industrial population in the graphs window) in 5 years, and that's it.

Here's a step-by-step plan for beating Flint:

  1. Turn all industrial taxes down to 0% except automotive. Turn that all the way up(this is optional ;-). (You can do that by going to the Industry window and choosing Tax Rate)
  2. Open the graphs window and watch your industry population soar.
  3. Build some highway connections to neighbors and some other stuff to make growth easier for all zones.
  4. Build some more zones as needed.
  5. Now, was that easy or was that easy??

And that's it!

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